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               Soil  is  a  non-renewable  precious  natural  resource  that  is  vital  to  food  security  and  economic
               development. In fact, the very survival and well-being of mankind is inseparably linked with the
               health of soil. In India, most of the agriculturally suitable land is already under cultivation with
               hardly any scope for horizontal expansion. Over the years, increasing population and intensification
               of agriculture have put immense pressure on land, leading to its degradation in many ways. Lack of
               awareness of the soil health status and inadequate, and at times indiscriminate, use of plant nutrients
               are some of the important causes of soil health deterioration. Regular monitoring of soil health and
               effective remediation of the ailments, if any with the adoption of scientific recommendations,
               therefore, assume great significance. Realizing the importance of soil resource towards sustainable
               agriculture, present Government gave top priority to soil health management, and launched “Soil
               Health Card Scheme” during the International Year of Soils-2015 with a mandate to provide “Soil
               Health Card” to all farm holdings across the country.

               I am happy to learn that the scientists of ICAR-All India Coordinated Research Project on Micro and
               Secondary Nutrients and Pollutant Elements are bringing out an e-book containing micro and
               secondary  nutrients  deficiency  maps  up  to  taluka/block  level  for  entire  country.  Site-specific
               management options are also suggested in this e-publication. In view of widespread deficiencies of
               these  nutrients  in  Indian  soils,  the  information  provided  would  be  highly  useful  in  imparting
               knowledge about soil fertility status and promoting precise fertilizer application, thus strengthening
               the ongoing initiative of doubling farm income by 2022.

               I  congratulate  the  scientists  associated  and  look  for  wider  adoption  of  the  recommendations
               contained in the e-publication.
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