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               The  sustenance  and  wellbeing  of  humankind  are  inevitably  linked  to  the  stocks,  cycling  and
               manipulation of essential nutrients in the bio-geosphere. The capacity to produce adequate and
               quality plant biomass depends greatly upon the adequacy of mineral nutrients in the soil.  India has
               become  self-reliant  in  food  grain  production  to  feed  its  burgeoning  population  at  the  cost  of
               deterioration of precious natural resources. The knowledge about native nutrient stocks is utmost
               essential for manipulation of nutrient supply through chemical fertilizers and devising appropriate
               application technologies. In this regard, soil testing is the first and foremost important step to know
               the fertility status and developing balanced fertilization schedule for higher crop production and
               maintaining soil health. Assessing the status of micronutrients is even more important owing to their
               indispensible role in human nutrition. Widespread micronutrient deficiencies recorded across the
               country have led to severe losses in yield and nutritional quality of produce. Stagnation in crop
               productivity  could  also  be  eliminated  by  proper  micronutrient  management  with  balanced
               fertilization schedule, leading to reduction in cost of cultivation.

               It gives me immense pleasure to know that on the initiative of Indian Council of Agricultural
               Research, the scientists of ICAR-All India Coordinated Research Project on Micro and Secondary
               Nutrients and Pollutant Elements, Bhopal have prepared an e-Atlas on Micronutrients of Indian
               Soils, covering more than 5000 talukas across the country.   The Atlas will be highly useful in
               achieving twin objectives of strengthening the “Soil Health Card” mission and doubling farmers'

               I wish all the best for the success and wide adoptability of the e-Atlas and  congratulate the team of
               scientists involved in  this endeavour.
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