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Institute Technology

1 Integrated Plant Nutrient Supply (IPNS) System for Soybean-Wheat System
2 Enriched Compost Production
3 Vermicomposting Technology for Recycling of Organic Wastes
4 Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) for Pulses
5 Integrated Nutrient Management for Oilseeds
6 On-line Soil Fertility Maps of Different States and Fertilizer Recommendation System for Targeted Yields of Crops
7 Extent of micro- and secondary nutrient deficiencies in Indian soils and their correction
8 Balanced Use of Nutrients: Key to Sustainable Productivity
9 Bio-inoculants
10 Soybean-based intercropping systems for sustainabile productivity on deep Vertisols of Madhya Pradesh
11 Sub-surface Compaction for Coarse Textured Soils
12 Safe Prescription Limits for Direct Application of Distillery Effluents in Agriculture
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