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During the initial years of introduction of the modem crop varieties, micronutrient deficiency disorders were discovered as an obstacle to obtain higher yields. In order to delineate the micronutrient deficient areas and to alleviate the nutrition stresses, the Indian Council of Agricultural Research initiated the All India Coordinated Scheme of Micronutrient in Soils and Plants in 1967 with its National Headquarter at the Punjab Agricultural University, Hisar (subsequently shifted to Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana in 1970) and 6 Coordinating centre located at Lucknow, Hisar, Jabalpur, Ranchi, Anand and Coimbatore. Later Ludhiana and Hyderabad centres were also created. Realizing the need for micronutrient researches three centres viz. Akola for Maharashtra, Bhubaneswar for Orissa and Pantnagar for Uttar Pradesh were established in the year 1996. The deficiencies of secondary nutrients and toxicities of heavy metal elements were subsequent noticed in many parts of the country.

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