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Dr. S.R. Mohanty, Pr. Scientist & I/c NC BNF

To enhance the productivity, soil and crop quality and supplement a part of the chemical fertilizer needs of crops through exploiting the soil biodiversity extant, for Biofertilizers in diverse cropping systems and agro-ecological zones in India, improve Biofertilizer technology and extend the Biofertilizer applications to disadvantaged areas with following Objectives
1. To exploit the soil biodiversity in various agro-ecologies for biofertilizer applications in diverse cropping systems.
2. To study the impact of soil management practices on functional diversity of microorganisms involved in key microbial functions and soil health using genomic tools.
3. Formulation and testing of mixed biofertilizers in diverse cropping systems.
4. To improve biofertilizer technology with particular reference to quality, carriers, consortia and delivery systems.
5. To diversify biofertilizer research and application in drylands, mountainous regions, tribal areas and other underexplored ecosystems.
6. Research-Adoption-Impact continuum analysis of Biofertilizer usage

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Soil Biodiversity-Biofertilizers Research Progress 2012-14

Soil Biodiversity-Biofertilizers Research Progress 2014-16

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