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RAC Proceedings 2017

IRC Proceedings -Dec2011 Final

IRC 2012 June 2012 Final

IRC Proceedings_Final_February 2013

IRC Proceedings_July 2013

IRC proceeding january 2014

IRC Proceeding 19-20 March and 27 May 2015 & 22.12.2015

IRC Proceeding 19-20 July and 29-30 July 2016

Proceedings of IRC meeting for RPP-III and RPP-I 22-23 Feb 2017

Proceedings of IRC of RPP-I, II and III (29 Nov to 01 Dec 2017 and 07 Dec 2017)

Proceeding of IRC meeting held during 18-19 June 2018 for RPP-III and RPP-I)

Proceedings of IRC meeting held during 24-26 June 2019 for RPP-II and RPP-I revised on 25.07.2019

Proceedings of IRC held on 6 Jan 17 Jan 2020 for contractual projects activities

Proceedings of IRC on 29-31 July & 1 Aug 13-14 Aug 27 Aug and 4 Sept 2020 Latest

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